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Muay Thai

Jimmy Jarquin trained in Thailand and teaches nightly Muay Thai classes at Bushido. Muay Thai is a very effective stand up martial art.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

We offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training from a beginner level to black belt. We have daily adult morning and evening classes, with classes on the weekends too. We also offer kid classes on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Self Defense

One of the main goals of Bushido is to offer people an effective means to defend themselves in different scenarios. With the ability to defend yourself comes a sense of safety and confidence too.


About Bushido Fight Team

Bushido Fight Team is run under the tutelage of Jimmy Jarquin where he encourages a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that will help you learn self defense, grappling, striking or MMA. Jimmy Jarquin is a black belt under Ralph Gracie and Kurt Osiander. His martial arts career is rich with experience, having trained Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira and Muay Thai in 3 different continents over 3 decades. Jimmy has competed at the highest level too, multiple time winner of the US Open for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, North American Grappling Association (Naga) and the IBJJF World Championship for No-Gi. Jimmy has also trained with some of the most world-renowned talents in martial arts: Jake Shields, Nick Diaz, Cain Velasquez, BJ Penn, Gilbert Melendez and others. Bushido Fight Team is a community of kind, funny and caring people. We all benefit from lessons in martial arts as well as personal development from Jimmy Jarquin.


I’ve been training here almost a year and would not sign up for another gym while Bushido is around. The owner, Jimmy, has been training for well over 20 years and has the kind of technical expertise that’s hard to come by. You don’t just get ran through the motions, you get detailed instructions from Jimmy and help from higher belt students to make sure what you’re doing is right. When you join, you really become part of Jimmy’s family and gain a new group of friends that are invested in you as a student and a person.

Cole L.

I was a total newbie to martial arts before joining BFT, but the people in the classes are supportive, welcoming, and inspirational. (They can also kick butt.) Training at BFT has been a very positive experience. Jimmy cares deeply about his students, which I could feel from the first few classes. He is concerned about the students’ safety and ability to defend themselves on the street, and the lessons he teaches are for self defense purposes (rather than just getting fit). You don’t even need to worry about getting fit, because it’ll be a by-product of these classes. Leave your ego at the door and be prepare to sweat a LOT.

Jackie L.

I’ve been training with Jimmy  and Team Bushido for close to two years now and it’s been quite the journey. It’s amazing how much he focuses on discipline, which in turn helps you with your everyday life. While his style is to be hard on you, he genuinely cares about his students and their learning. There will be some days that are so hard, you may question why you even started, but Jimmy and your teammates will be there to help you get better. It’s a team environment that everybody benefits from and makes Bushido the premier place to train in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. I guarantee you that you won’t get a more fulfilling experience anywhere else.

Tom S.

I’ve been training BJJ here for about 6 months and I really appreciate Jimmy as a teacher of the martial art! The class sizes aren’t too big, which means you can get a lot of useful feed back from Jimmy on your technique. I think one of the reason why Jimmy’s students learn BJJ well and effectively is because Jimmy appreciates that for you to learn a move, often the knowledge will sink in deeper if you are the one who is stringing the pieces together with minimal guidance because it forces you to be examining and questioning your own game, an excellent habit! But Jimmy is always there to correct any ineffective technique too haha! The atmosphere is great at Bushido too, very welcoming and just a really nice and funny bunch of people!

Charlie W.

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  • Muay Thai

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  • Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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